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Mabu Mabu is a saying from the Torres Strait that means 'help yourself.' It's how we welcome people to a feast or banquet, and how we like to enjoy food: surrounded by the people we love.  

We are a Torres Strait owned and run business with an emphasis on using fresh, seasonal and native ingredients to create beautiful dishes that bring people together.

Find us IN Yarraville



Saturday          Sunday 

8am - 3pm

8am - 3pm

8am - 3pm      8am - 3pm

Please note, we are unable to accept bookings over six persons. 

Currently, sittings are limited to one hour on the hour (eg. 10am, 11am etc.).

We are unable to accept same-day bookings.

Feed your village

We offer a wide, flexible catering menu that suits many styles of event. Using fresh seasonal produce and incredible native ingredients, we can design a feast for any village. Use the link below to stimulate your imagination, and then contact us to start developing a menu together.